Diandra Leslie-Pelecky

helium: a weighty question

My research focuses on how magnets behave when you make them very, very small. (The broad answer is: really interestingly and often unpredictably.) Like many people who study the physical world, it is much easier to get at the basic nature of a material if you cool the material to very low temperatures. Cooling literally “freezes out” many effects, making the system simpler to understand.

what do we mean by “how much oil is left” in the gulf?

If Shakespeare were alive today, he might suggest that PR/branding/marketing people should go before lawyers. The spin doctor’s job is to make their company look good – even when it shouldn’t. The existence of spin doctors is reason number one why we must fix our badly broken education system. If science teaches one thing, it is skepticism: People shouldn’t be so anxious to be told what to think.

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