Jennifer Ouellette is a recovering English major who stumbled into science writing quite by accident, and has been avidly exploring her inner geek ever since. She is the author of four popular science books for the general public: Me, Myself, and Why, The Calculus Diaries, Black Bodies and Quantum Cats, and The Physics of the Buffyverse, all published by Penguin. Her work has also appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, New Scientist, Discover, Salon, Symmetry, and Physics World, among other publications. For two years, Jennifer served as the director of the Science and Entertainment Exchange, an LA-based initiative of the National Academy of Sciences to foster creative collaborations between industry professionals in Hollywood and scientists. She is currently a senior writer covering science and culture at Ars Technica. Jennifer lives in Los Angeles with Caltech cosmologist Sean (M.) Carroll, a.k.a. the Time Lord. Find her online at

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