Car Tawk

vis-co-e-las-tic-i-ty ex-pi-al-ido-cious or… what can’t you do with carbon nanotubes?

Some words are just so much fun to say. My father claimed that, as a child, I was inordinately amused by long Latin words from his legal texts.
But you must admit that viscoelasticity is just a cool word. Like most words, you can break it down into its component parts: viscous and elastic. And like most things in physics, it’s almost always “beyond the scope of the course”. You can talk in a limited way about elasticity (spring constants) and sometimes you’ll learn a little about viscosity, but viscoelasticity consistently fails to make it into most introductory physics books. That’s too bad because it’s not only a fun concept, it is a useful concept.

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