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BookishJenLuc While you're waiting for fresh blogging fare at the cocktail party (it's coming soon! we promise!), let me point you to the hot new diavlog I did for, featuring me and author Mary Roach, whose latest book is the excellent Packing for Mars. Regular readers know I'm a longstanding fan of Mary's work, and she's just as fun and engaging over the phone as she is in print. We chatted about zero gravity (she got to ride on the Vomit Comit!), what freefall is really like during a spacewalk, the psychological complications pertaining to sex in space, Mary's foray into space toilet training, and she also had the chance to redeem the reputation of Enos the Space Chimp, unfairly maligned for masturbating during his NASA space mission. (Although if he had, Roach says, that would have given Enos the dubious honor of achieving first orgasm in space.) Go on, you know you want to give it a listen. And we'll be back soon with new posts before you know it.

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  1. Please stop talking about traveling beyond the pull of gravity! That propagates a gross misconception. Gravity in low Earth orbit is just slightly less than at Earth’s surface (gravity is an inverse square force, after all). The reason you are in free fall in a circular orbit is that you are accelerating toward the center of the Earth at the same rate as demanded by the local gravitational field. The circular orbit speed is determined from v^2/R = G*M/R^2….

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