meet me in saint louie…

A brief post in anticipation that I will learn something brilliant tomorrow to share with you.  Hello from St. Louis.  I'm at SciFest '09, the International Science Festival at the St. Louis Science Center.  Here's a little secret:  I am much more likely to accept speaking assignments when I get the opportunity to hear other people talk.  My only regret with this job is that they scheduled Jim Gates – the rare physicist who talks because he wants to convey information, not because he wants to impress you with how smart he is – at the same time as me.  Bummer. 
I'm looking forward to a talk on the effects of doing the Tango on your brain presented by a husband-wife ophthalmologist/neurologist duo who previewed their art (it may be science, but it also is art) this evening at the opening gala.  They're also having a movie night.  The adults will hear from Laurel K. Hamilton, who writes 'paranormal thrillers', the content of which makes the audience adults only.  I get the kids:  we're going to screen two movies (Men in Black and the most recent version of Journey to the Center of the Earth) and talk about the science in them.  God Bless Phil Plait for providing crib sheets.
Sunday, there are talks about the science of coffee (yes!), energy, why puppies make you feel better, especially if you have a brain injury or cancer, and what to really do about swine flu.  From the physics of baseball to the devastation of the honeybee population, SciFest '09 will not disappoint.  There's an official cocktail and (even better) and official ice cream flavor. If you're in the STL area and get a moment to stop in, come find me. 

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