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Too_cooljenluc_2It’s great to share blog space with a colorful Faux-French avatar, but sometimes I find myself feeling the need to assert my independence. And sometimes Jen-Luc Piquant needs a bit more Cyber-space, as well. So once a month, I leave her to her own devices and head over to another blog, 3 Quarks Daily, where (as some of you may know) I write a monthly "Monday Musings" column called "Random Walks." This week’s entry is a rumination on modern marriage and that rabble-rousing revolutionary, Jane Austen. And it just so happens to be a neat tie-in to last week’s invigorating discussion on encouraging the next generation of Geek Girls in science. (UPDATE: The links were all typed incorrectly; they should now work. Thanks to Jeremy for alerting me to the problem.)

Having a post up at 3 Quarks Daily means today’s Cocktail Party Physics pickings are a bit, um, sparser than usual. So here’s a few past "Random Walks" columns to take up the slack, in case anyone’s interested:

"Past Perfect": An ode to the great San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fire that destroyed most of the city, with asides on Full Metal Alchemist and symmetry breaking. No, really….

"Narnia, Schmarnia": Was C.S. Lewis little more than a misogynistic, fundamentalist, conservative didact, or can we find a more complex character lurking in his lesser-known works?

"Band of Brothers": A salute to the end of the "Gracie Golden Age" of the Ultimate Fighting Championship tournaments.

"Casino Royale": James Bond prefers "the gentleman’s game," baccarat, but poker is fast becoming the most popular form of legalized gambling in the US — especially with celebrities getting into the game.

"Heart of Darkness": A not-so-fond reminiscence about the childhood psychological horrors inflicted upon me by Jack Chick and his hellfire and brimstone comics. (Per Jen-Luc: "May he rot in heaven while I party in hell. Amen.")

We’re quite proud to be associated with such a fine blog, and thrilled to have an opportunity to reach a slightly different audience and to stretch our writing style and range of topics. Were I to employ an automotive metaphor, I would say that Cocktail Party Physics is a Lexus (decked out with all the extras), whereas 3 Quarks Daily is more akin to a Porsche, although Jen-Luc is proud, and would beg to differ with that modest assessment. Frankly, if we’re going to choose a spiffy new sleek automobile to personify our blog personality, we’d pick the newest all-electric luxury Lotus models being developed by Tesla Motors: so exclusive they’re being sold not through dealers, but via Internet auction to a select few buyers. There’s no price listed on the Website, either, which we take to mean, "Don’t even think about purchasing this vehicle unless your last name is Rockefeller." Nonetheless, we can dream….

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  1. Wow, that might be the first time I’ve ever seen the words “Lotus” and “luxury” in the same sentence; typically “Lotus” and “spartan” are together. I’ve owned, driven and worked on enough Lotii and other Brit cars to have a sound opinion about that. Lotii are wonderfully responsive sports cars, but you won’t ever close your eyes in one and think you’re in a Jaguar.

  2. My deep dark secret is out — I know nothing, absolutely nothing, about cars, although I can change a flat tire all by myself, thanks to my dad’s tutelage. 🙂 But believe me, Tesla Motors is trying to take the Lotus to at least semi-luxury levels. For an all-electric vehicle, the bar for “luxury” is still set fairly low….

  3. Hi Jen,
    let me see if I can help out here.
    Luxury is a relative term, are bubble baths luxury. When we come to cars Lotus were as bc pints out pretty bare essential ‘performance’ cars…
    lotus engines are still the ‘performance’ engines.
    However though lotus cars & prices have gone up in the world, they are still in the semi-precious gem range for price & comfort …
    Certainly not the plusher sofa like leather clad comfort that a Lexus or Cadillac or Roller or even big Jags offer the clients needing limousine style seating space.
    But younger, leaner, men & women Posches, sports Jags, or even little lotuses are not known for their seating capacity, headroom of boot space, but rather affordable performance, affordable as in compared to Ferrari or Aston Martin.
    As for Tesla Motors, some pretty impressive figures they are quoting – though they are still on four wheels, so tire changing skills are still handy

  4. A small confession here; I am a car guy who builds his own cars (including some from scratch i.e., starting with a stack of chrome moly tubing and a welder), races them, and writes about them once in a while for some of the glossy periodicals.
    For me, racing is a competitive exercise in applied physics, engineering and materials science that also requires strategy, tactics and physical skill to be successful. I’ll spare you my waxing philisophic on the symphony of physimechanical chess that I find it to be…
    On the electric car note, I did a little after-hours work on a friend’s all-electric race car 6-7 years ago, a project that died from a lack of investment, sadly. I hope the Tesla folks can develop the all-electric technology to a point where something useful is affordable to the average consumer.

  5. Hi there!
    thank you for linking me, and congrats for your site here – quite a blog!
    Will come back and have a deeper look tomorrow… In the (t1+t2)/2 take care!

  6. Jennifer,
    As you know, we are extremely proud to have you writing a column for us at 3QD. Your blog is no car, it is a Saturn V Rocket!
    Sorry I haven’t been in touch. Have been very busy with some things I’ll tell you about when I see you…

  7. “James Bond prefers “the gentleman’s game,” baccarat, but poker is fast becoming the most popular form of legalized gambling in the US — especially with celebrities getting into the game.”
    Sadly it now seems even Mr Bond has switched allegiance and has started playing Texas Hold’em. It’s simply not right.

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